Find your space; Own your space! To be effective and happy, we need to be ourselves.


The start of a new year, a big term ahead, it’s reflection time.  My message to teachers and leaders is to navigate the turbulence and try to do what you can to make your job your own; to carve out a way of working that gives you maximum space to be yourself, to express yourself, to do the things you love and care about the most.

This isn’t the same as ‘do whatever you like’ in an evidence-free vacuum. It’s not ‘do as little as possible’ or ‘keep doing the same stuff you’ve always done’.  No – that’s not a professional culture I’d support .  But I am talking about managing the boundaries of your professional space so you can retain maximum control of your work, engaging in professional learning in the way that makes sense to you, focusing your efforts where you judge they’ll have greatest impact, making sure…

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